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1958 Continental Mark III by Lincoln Convertible, Chassis-Nr. H8YG422996

With this car, Chief Stylist John Najja created one of the most spectacular and unique car of its time and it stays like this until today!

Ford looked at this project as the ultimate response to the always more popular GM brand Cadillac, with all of its special bodies. An exclusive factory covering more than 1’300’000 m2 space was built in Wixom, Michigan in order to build all the different Continental models including the Convertible. Body and frame (chassis) were for the first time combined in a single, solid unit. The all-new 7.2 l V8 engine developed 375 HP and acted together with the as well all new automatic Turbo Drive transmission. Our car includes the optional Twin-Range Turbo Drive, mentioned as the smoothest, most versatile of all automatic drive.

Unfortunately the Continentals did not sell as good as prevised and with the fantastic Convertible Ford lost about $ 1’000.- on each of the 3048 produced cars at a selling price which was higher than the price of the basic Rolls Royce! In 1959 and 1960 two somewhat less spectacular versions where produced, which both are by far not as much thought after, as the 1958 is. Afterwards Ford stopped this very costly experience!

The high torque V8 engine, with a compression of 10.5:1, gave according to the Magazine Road & Track a never achieved acceleration of 8.7 seconds from 0 – 60 mph (96 Km/h) for a car with a weight of 2’250 Kg. The top speed was clocked at 116 mph (185 Km/h).

Our car was originally purchased in Pittsburg, where it stayed all of its live and quite a long time in a Museum. In 2005 Mr. Fred Franke bought it, which was for many years a very well-known oldtimer-specialist in Norway, before he moved to Spain. Therefore the Continental was matriculated in Spain as a veteran car, with the appealing registration of H 6014 BBB, same one he still carries today.

Due to the long time the car spent in a Museum, Fred Franke received a very nice clean car; nevertheless many of its wonderful features did not work correctly anymore. In an incredible way Franke made everything to work again and today all the features are in correct working order. For him, this work was far more interesting than driving the car around, this is why not many more miles came on the counter. Unfortunately Franke got very ill and was not able to keep his car.

In Spring 2011 we bought the Continental from Franke. Much work had to be done to the mechanical side of the car, with exception of the excellent engine. Since then the whole drive unit including the automatic gear box, the brakes, the whole exhaust system, most of the rubber items, also the once of the roof top and many, many other items were revised. Naturally all is neatly documented. Between these repairs, we drove the car regularly for inspections, to be 2016 quite comfortable with it, as much as someone can be with a 58 years old car! Today it shows approximatively 77’000 miles, which we believe is correct. Nobody can be absolutely sure of this, anyway this cannot be of importance on such an extremely nice and rare car.

We think by the end of 2016 beginning of 2017 this 1958 Convertible Mark III, Continental by Lincoln, is ready to wait for a new happy owner. Best would be, if this one comes from the European Union, since the Spanish Veteran matriculation is valid until 2021.

Approximate selling price, ex warehouse Spain: € 115’000.-